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Institute of Paris


Conditioning hair treatments, massage and personalized hair color

Tucked away on the Rue de Rennes, the little Marry Pascual Institute is the ultimate in up-to-the minute hair care : a salon designed according to feng-shui principles, the sweet fragrance of fresh plants and certified organic essential oils, a warm welcome by Tony, a naturalist from the Catalan region of Spain, and his wife Marry, hairstylist and colorist.

These confirmed ecologists created the institute 30 years ago to care for damaged hair and to offer gentle, personalized color treatments.

Here, they take a long term view, with hair care designed to be ongoing.

The treatment, done in a private cabine with colored lighting inspired by chromo therapy principles, begins with a questionnaire that determines the general condition and needs of the scalp and hair.

Next, Tony applies an individually formulated lotion of essential oils with a long, relaxing massage of the head, face, arms and shoulders.

Organic plants and natural essential oils

A mask blended from powdered plants and micronized seaweed (personalized, as always) is then applied to the hair. A shampoo, warm towel perfumed with essential oils, and gentle drying finish the treatment.

You leave the salon with radiant hair and the desire to continue caring for it.

Emmanuelle DEMAREST , for "ELLE magazine"


Price list

First Time Offer

your hair "check-up"
and treatment, including an invigorating massage :

58,00 €

Package of 10 treatments
Color and treatment
86 €
Henna and treatment
86 €
Creative cut
32 €

64 rue des grandes Garennes
62600 Berck sur Mer

Hours :

You can make your appointment by email

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